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The Armenian revolts started with the Erzurum incident in 1890 and ended with Van rebellion in 1896. This period of Armenian massacres to Turks was referred as a so-called �genocide� by the Western world.

Nalbadian says, �in this period, 50.000-300.000 Armenian were killed.�

David Marshall Lang writes that 200.000 Armenians were killed between 1894-96.

According to Pastirmaciyan there were 100.000-110.000 dead people.

Misasskian writes �At least 300.000 Armenians died.�

Hepsius�s number for Armenian casualties is 88.243.

However, there are some doubts about all these figures. For instance, in 1896 it is said that 20.000 people were killed in Van. But most of the bands activated in Van province came from Iran. Saadettin Pasha says that 6.000 people died in Zeytun. According to Agasi 125 people lost their lives. The British documents state that after the end of the rebellion the people, who died because of the diseases, were 3.000. Yet these deaths are not related to the rebellion.

Bliss�s figure belonging to 1895 is 35.032.

It is evident that the Armenian bandits and rebels killed thousands of Turks in 1890�s and the Armenian casualties during their own revolts would not be more than 20.000.

Agasi�s words �We killed 20.000 Turks in Zeytun� clarify the facts. With no doubt, Muslim casualties are much more than the Armenian casualties.

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